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Replicants On Atlantia

 Producers: Ritu Sharda & Parth Jani  Director: Roger Christian 


Replicants on Atlantia. 


Christians original Science Fiction animation series to be released in 2023

A team of nine replicant robots are sent to create a new colony for mankind on the planet Atlantia when the earth is dying from uncontrolled climate change. 

Hunt industries trillionaire founder Eugene hunt, supplying the worlds power through his trotium power cells has linked with Joshi industries to replicate the nine leading experts in their field, to build the new colony. 

These perfect human replicants are able to survive in the hostile environment on Atlantia but what they find is beyond their imagination and ours.  

Divisions and conflicts erupt in the replicants team as they confront an organic world of spore like forests and creatures, mirroring the wars that lead to the demise of the Earth’s atmosphere, and the very reason they have been sent to establish a new world. 

Made for the same audience that embraced Star Wars, Dante our young lead is following the same heroes journey at the heart of every epic adventure, transforming from a passion for saving the planet to a leader who can save the world.

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