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Roger Christian Original

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The sword of Thyrus is part 1 of a 3 part Black Angel Saga using the ancient world of Morocco, in the same way we used Tunisia for Star Wars; A New Hope, to give the movie an epic production value. The Black Angel Saga is a hero’s journey using the same dramatic lineage as the original Star Wars.


The script is in the most popular fantasy genre of the likes of Excalibur, Lord of the Rings, Macbeth, the latest hit TV series Last Kingdom, Game of Thrones and Vikings.


An intense journey of a knight Sir Maddox, guided by a sorcerer to follow his destiny and save the lands from a power hungry King, defeat the Black Angel released from the underworld and his evil Master the fallen God Thyrus.


Using the same formula of the Spaghetti Westerns and Samurai epics which inspired Star Wars, Black Angel is a new and original legend in this popular genre.


Roger Christian's short film commissioned by George Lucas and released with Star Wars; The Empire Strikes back, went viral when it was recently restored and re-released.

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The saga continues with "Rise of the blood moon", episode 2 of the three-part saga. Revenge is rampant at the time of the blood moon rising causing chaos in the lands.


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